5 Best Window Air Conditioner 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Your little house doesn’t have a central air conditioning system? What a pity! You must have been through hard times during the scorching summer.

Don’t worry! We can fix your problem. And our optimal solution is:

A window air conditioner!

But why?

The first reason is its low cost.. Besides, the installation is straightforward. You may not need to hire a technician for that.

Notably, this portable air conditioner doesn’t take much space. That’s the reason why for small households, a window-mounted air conditioner is a better choice than a central unit.

Let’s not waste time anymore! Below is our review of the top 5 best window air conditioners 2020 in the market.

Top 5 Best Window Air Conditioners 2020

As usual, we will begin with the best one first. So, our king today is:

​#1: Frigidaire Window-Mounted Air Conditioner: Best Vigorous Window Air Conditioner

Our pick for the top-notch window air conditioner in 2020 is this Frigidaire unit. Why this one?

As suggested by the title we gave it, this Frigidaire is super powerful. With an exceptional 10,000 BTU cooling power, this unit can cover up to 450 square feet. Dehumidification is also its strength thanks to a massive capacity of up to 3 pints/hour.

Another bonus point of this Frigidaire air conditioner is the unique clean-air ionizer. Designed for allergy sufferers, it can filter out the harmful impurities from the air, for example,pollen.

This air condition unit from Frigidaire also delivers quiet operation; yet, not utterly silent as we expected. But since it has been working so hard, it’s okay for it to make some little noises.

Overall, if you need to cool quite a big room, this Frigidaire window air conditioner is an ideal option.


  • ​Low power startup
  • ​Low power consumption
  • ​Ready-select control
  • ​12 energy efficiency ratio


  • ​High cost

​#2: Friedrich Chill CP06G10B: Best Quiet Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Just after the mighty Frigidaire is this compact Friedrich window air conditioner. The cooling power of this unit is 6,000 BTU, suitable for rooms up to 250 square feet.

To spread the cool air to every inch of the room, this unit uses the innovative auto air sweep technology. And for more flexibility, 3 different cooling speeds are available.

But that’s still not the best thing about this one.

This Friedrich air conditioner provides an ultra-quiet performance. According to some measures, the sound level created by this unit is only from 41dB to 46dB. Hardly can you find any window air conditioner in the market that is this quiet!

Lots of customers appreciated the quality of this unit; meanwhile, some complained about Friedrich’s customer service. To receive the warranty, you will have to undergo a complicated and costly process.

So, if you are upset with our champion’s drawback, which is the noise, this whisper-quiet Friedrich Chill CP06G10B will meet your needs.


  • ​Programmable 24-hour timer
  • ​Money Saver setting
  • ​Energy Star qualified
  • ​Slide-out chassis


  • ​Heavy design
  • ​High cost

​#3: Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5: Best Mini Air Conditioner

This little Frigidaire window air conditioner sits on the third spot on our top list. Frigidaire did an impressive job with the first one. What about this one?

This unit’s cooling power is only 5,000 BTU. But in return, it’s much quieter and consumes less energy.

Now, if you ask us what we love most about this one, we would say: “Comfort.”

DIY installation is the best thing about this Frigidaire unit. And a mounting kit is included to add more convenience. If you live alone, this one is for you.

However, we found that this unit became much noisier during rainy seasons. But this is a distinctive function of this air conditioner. For increased cooling efficiency, it stores rainwater, and then the fan will move it to the coils.

So, don’t worry! This noise won’t last too long. You will still have the best summer time with this Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5.


  • ​Mechanical rotary control
  • ​Effortless restart
  • ​Lightweight design
  • ​Affordable price


  • ​Only for small rooms

​#4: LG LW1016ER: Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

This LG window air conditioner, just like the king, has an enormous cooling power of 10,000 BTU that can work in a space up to 450 square feet. This unit can also dehumidify the air at 2.7 pints of water per hour.

But it’s best as an energy-efficient window air conditioner, as we called it.

Can you guess the energy efficiency ratio of this unit? Well, it’s 12.1 - probably the highest number available in the market. Also, featuring the energy saver function along with 24-hour on/off timer, it will reduce the running cost to a minimum.

What we don’t like about this LG air conditioner is that it’s ridiculously heavy. We cannot understand why this small window-mounted unit can weigh as much as 74 pounds.

So, want to save some bucks on your monthly bill? This LG LW1016ER will be an excellent solution.


  • ​3 cooling speeds
  • ​3 fan speeds
  • ​Full-function remote control
  • ​Protective shield


  • ​Noisy operation
  • ​Unclear instruction

​#5: Keystone Window-Mounted Air Condition: Best Full Control

This multi-functional Keystone window air condition will finish our top 5 best window air conditioners list. Now, you may wonder about how we named it. What did we mean by saying “full control”?

What you can do with the tiny LCD remote control will surprise you!

The extraordinary temperature sensing technology is the most impressive thing. Besides, you can freely set the times for on and off. And choose between 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds, 2 airflow directions, and more.

So, why is it at the bottom of our list?

The most considerable drawback of this unit is that it’s only perfect for tiny rooms. Since it has only 5,000 BTU cooling power, it performs best in an area of only 150 square feet.

Generally, if you want everything in hand, purchase this Keystone window air condition!


  • ​Energy-saver mode
  • ​Sleep mode
  • ​Easy-clean mesh filter
  • ​Affordable price


  • ​Inefficient operation

To Conclude

Now, you can see that having a window air conditioner is undoubtedly convenient and comfortable. It’s all you need for fresh air to breathe and the perfect temperature to sleep in the hot summer days.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your wallet and get one of our 5 best window air conditioners 2020 now!

But before that, do not forget to like and share this article . And for more details, please feel free to use the comment box below. See you later!

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