5 Best Pressure Washers for Your Cars 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Pressure washers (or power washers) are now convenient tools for cleaning. Not only can you remove the dirt on decks, sidings, and driveways but also kick out the grime on outdoor furniture and even animal cages.

Another widespread application of the pressure washer is car-washing. The high-pressure water sprays, with the help of detergent, can remove the most stubborn stains and  bring back the original fancy look to your car.

So, it’s time to get yourself a perfect pressure washer, and save hundreds of bucks on car-washing service!

Don’t know where to start?

We are here to help! Check out our review below of the 5 best pressure washers for cars in 2020!

Top 5 Best Pressure Washers for Cars 2020

After researching for a while, we have listed out 5 best car pressure washers in the market. We hope that you will find what you need! Here we go!

​#1: Best for Efficiency: Sun Joe SPX3001

Speaking of “pressure washers”, Sun Joe is the name that we cannot skip. For many years, the company has released a considerable number of high-quality pressure washers for customers worldwide.

In this SPX3001 model, the washing performance reached a significantly high capacity with up to 2030 PSI water pressure. At the same time, this machine also helps to save energy and water, thanks to the exclusive Total Stop System.

With this innovative technology, now the pump will automatically shut off when you don’t pull the trigger. Handle heavy duties while saving energy. What can be better?

And that’s why we called it the “best for efficiency”!

You will even get more productivity with the assistance of 5 quick-connect spray tips. Those tips make it effortless to switch between 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40° of washing angle, or change to soap washing.

However, we found some problems with the hose adapter. It may not keep your garden hose tight enough. So, consider replacing the hose adapter if necessary.

Now there is no need for hesitation! Buy this spectacular Sun Joe SPX3001 now, and see how well it helps you clean your car!


  • ​Up to 40.6 oz. detergent tank
  • ​A 20-foot high hose
  • ​Reasonable price
  • ​Quick results


  • ​Durability issue

​#2: Best Budget-Friendly Unit: Greenworks GPW1501

Next is another high-profile brand in the market - Greenworks. With an affordable amount of money, this GPW1501 will give you an unexpectedly excellent result.

The most remarkable feature of this unit is its impressive flexibility. Unlike most pressure washers, this one can operate either vertically or horizontally. You have utilized for any case that are quite stable.

Besides, for maximum maneuverability, this unit weighs only 17 lbs. Hardly can you find such a small pressure washer that can tackle the job so well like this GPW1501.

The minus point of this one is that the hose is stored roll-up. This means that it cannot stretch very well, which is quite uncomfortable to use at first. But don’t worry! We believe that the hose would loosen up over time.

Overall, with this marvelous Greenworks GPW1501, every cent counts. So, get one for yourself now!


  • ​Soap applicator available
  • ​30 feet power cord included
  • ​Compact design
  • ​Smooth operation


  • ​Leaking hose connector
  • ​Durability

​#3: Best for Energy-Saving: AR Annovi Reverberi AR383SS

Now, let’s welcome a brilliant pressure washer from the brand Annovi Reverberi. The price of this one is just slightly higher than our budget-friendly Greenworks above.

But money is not the only thing that you save!

Check out the title that we gave it: “Best for energy-saving”. Being the 1,900-PSI tri-axial pressure washer, Annovi Reverberi offers you up to 45% more pressure while using up to 80% less water.

Now you can feel free when using water on your car!

But the bad news is that the hose coupler may not be compatible with the standard hose. In such cases, you should find an appropriate adaptor to connect the hose with this unit.

So, if you don’t want to waste too much on car-washing, this economical AR383SS is what you need!


  • ​Professional-style pressure washer gun
  • ​30 feet power cord included
  • ​A 30-foot high pressure hose


  • ​Unpractical hose reel
  • ​Leaking spots

​#4: Best for Trouble-Free Performance: Stanley SHP2150

Standing in the fourth position on the list today is this convenient Stanley SHP2150. Let’s see what you will get with this one!

First of all, the maximum water pressure that this unit delivers is up to 2150 PSI, which is a little bit higher than our champion, Sun Joe. But that is not the best part of it.

What impressed us most is the advanced leakproof connections. Featuring a professional brass hose connector, Stanley promises that you will not experience any leaking issue during use.

However, leaking will not happen if only you make the right connection at first. If you conduct any error, the leakproof connections may not work. Therefore, remember to proceed with caution!

Generally, if you are looking for the least trouble when washing your car, buy this splendid Stanley SHP2150 now!


  • ​4 quick-connect nozzles
  • ​O-ring replacement kit included
  • ​Ability to handle various tasks


  • ​Heavy design

​#5: Best for Heavy Duties: Generac 6921

Last but not least, we would like to introduce to you the robust Generac 6921. The previous pressure washers did great jobs in car-washing. Now, let’s see how well this one can do!

This Generac can generate a water pressure of up to 2500 PSI, about 50 times higher than the pressure of a regular 7 GPM garden hose. Yes, that’s the highest number today!

This one is truly a beast! Nothing can stop it! With the never-flat wheels, this machine can master every terrain.

So, why it only ranks number 5?

Well, there are tradeoffs for this powerful unit. Of course, you have to pay much more than for the others on the list. Also, since it works very hard, it needs more components, resulting in a bulky design of about 57lbs weigh.

In a word, if you have quite a big car, you may need a vigorous pressure washer like this Generac 6921.


  • ​Comfortable handle
  • ​Easy-to-pull spray trigger
  • ​Effortless hose connection


  • ​Not easy to start
  • ​Leaking oil

Wrap Up

Those are our picks for the 5 best pressure washers for cars in the market. Each of them is perfect for different situations. So, did you find the one that fits your needs?

If yes, don’t waste time anymore! Hurry up and get a perfect car pressure washer for yourself now! Before that, don’t forget to give us a like and share this article to encourage our work!

If you need further advice, please feel free to use the comment section below. Now, have a fun shopping time! Good buy and see you later!

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